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Modern, African, New Design for the New Millennium

Various African cultures have traditionally constructed dwellings that are round in design. This design is recognized as being more suitable to the nature of man as the design is an extension of the molecular design derived from nature. The geodesic is the further extension of this concept. This high performance geodesic technology, when applied to shelter, can provide the means necessary to assume the material comfort for those in need of housing.

African DwellingAfrican Dwelling

Geodesics are spherically shaped structures composed of triangular faces. They are strong, lightweight, simple, graceful and ecologically friendly when compared to other structures. A geodesic combines the structure stability of a triangle with the overall strength and efficiency of a sphere.

Due to its simple structure system and light weight, a geodesic is easy to manufacture and assemble. It is a self-supporting structure that includes many options for expansion enabling the adaptation to the changing needs of the occupants.

African DwellingAfrican Dwelling

The natural shape of the structure also encourages natural air circulation. These spherical-type structures have more floor space and volume and use less surface material compared to any conventional building. The derivation is the maximum volume derived from the minimal materials.

Simplicity of construction readily enables the dismantling and relocation and because of the identical parts, the geodesic is ideally suited to mass production and can be quickly manufactured and assembled by unskilled workers with minimal training.

The necessary materials to translate this project into reality are readily available throughout South Africa and it is a renewable resource, namely wood and in particular SA Pine. The wood can be used in the standard dimensions that are currently being produced and the units could be manufactured in multiple venues across South Africa, using basic power tools. This also provides economic opportunity to many historically disadvantaged communities.


Our provisional patent design is based on one of the Platonic Solids, namely the Icosahedron. A complete Icosahedron is structured with 20 equilateral triangles. By removing (truncating) the lower five triangles, a format remains with a five sided floor surface on which a geodesic domed structure can be built which provides more strength, floor surface area and volume than any other known design - utilizing the geodesic principle of ‘doing more with less".

The equilateral triangles from which the structures are assembled are simple to manufacture and erect, and the finished product provides a strong, energy efficient and well insulated environment (warm in winter, cool in summer).


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